Bill Summaries: H980 REALIGN NC HOUSE DISTRICTS 2022/HTU22-4.(NEW)

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    House amendments revise the proposed changes to GS 120-2 set forth in the 2nd edition, establishing boundaries for the 120 districts for the purpose of nominating and electing members of the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2022, as follows.

    Amendment #1 modifies the portions of Wake County listed in Districts 34, 40, and 49.

    Amendment #2 revises the portions of Buncombe County listed in Districts 114, 115, and 116.

    Amendment #3 changes the portions of Cabarrus County listed in Districts 73, 82, and 83.

    Amendment #4 modifies the portions of Mecklenburg County listed in Districts 88, 92, 99, 100, 101, 104, 105, and 112.

    Amendment #5 revises the portions of Orange County listed in Districts 50 and 56.

    Amendment #6 modifies the portions of Durham County listed in Districts 2, 30, and 31.

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    House committee substitute amends the 1st edition as follows.

    Amends GS 120-2, as amended, to establish boundaries for 120 districts for the purpose of nominating and electing members of the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2022 and thereafter. The districts are composed of the following counties: District 1: Chowan County, Currituck County, Dare County (portions listed), Perquimans County, Tyrrell County, Washington County; District 2: Durham County (portions listed), Person County; District 3: Craven County (portions listed); District 4: Duplin County, Wayne County (portions listed); District 5: Camden County, Gates County, Hertford County, Pasquotank County; District 6: Harnett County (portions listed); District 7: Franklin County, Granville County (portions listed); District 8: Pitt County (portions listed); District 9: Pitt County (portions listed); District 10: Wayne County (portions listed); District 11: Wake County (portions listed); District 12: Greene County, Jones County, Lenoir County; District 13: Carteret County, Craven County (portions listed); District 14: Onslow County (portions listed); District 15: Onslow County (portions listed); District 16: Onslow County (portions listed), Pender County; District 17: Brunswick County (portions listed); District 18: New Hanover County (portions listed); District 19: Brunswick County (portions listed), New Hanover County (portions listed); District 20: New Hanover County (portions listed); District 21: Wake County (portions listed); District 22: Bladen County, Sampson County; District 23: Bertie County, Edgecombe County, Martin County; District 24: Nash County (portions listed), Wilson County; District 25: Nash County (portions listed); District 26: Johnston County (portions listed); District 27: Halifax County, Northampton County, Warren County; District 28: Johnston County (portions listed); District 29: Durham County (portions listed); District 30: Durham County (portions listed); District 31: Durham County (portions listed); District 32: Granville County (portions listed), Vance County; District 33: Wake County (portions listed); District 34: Wake County (portions listed); District 35: Wake County (portions listed); District 36: Wake County (portions listed); District 37: Wake County (portions listed); District 38: Wake County (portions listed); District 39: Wake County (portions listed); District 40: Wake County (portions listed); District 41: Wake County (portions listed); District 42: Cumberland County (portions listed); District 43: Cumberland County (portions listed); District 44: Cumberland County (portions listed); District 45: Cumberland County (portions listed); District 46: Columbus County, Robeson County (portions listed); District 47: Robeson County (portions listed); District 48: Hoke County, Scotland County; District 49: Wake County (portions listed); District 50: Caswell County, Orange County (portions listed); District 51: Lee County, Moore County (portions listed); District 52: Moore County (portions listed), Richmond County; District 53: Harnett County (portions listed), Johnston County (portions listed); District 54: Chatham County, Randolph County (portions listed); District 55: Anson County, Union County (portions listed); District 56: Orange County (portions listed); District 57: Guilford County (portions listed); District 58: Guilford County (portions listed); District 59: Guilford County (portions listed); District 60: Guilford County (portions listed); District 61: Guilford County (portions listed); District 62: Guilford County (portions listed); District 63: Alamance County (portions listed); District 64: Alamance County; District 65: Rockingham County; District 66: Wake County (portions listed); District 67: Montgomery County, Stanly County; District 68: Union County (portions listed); District 69: Union County (portions listed); District 70: Randolph County (portions listed); District 71: Forsyth County (portions listed); District 72: Forsyth County (portions listed); District 73: Cabarrus County (portions listed); District 74: Forsyth County (portions listed); District 75: Forsyth County (portions listed); District 76: Rowan County (portions listed); District 77: Davie County, Rowan County (portions listed), Yadkin County; District 78: Moore County (portions listed), Randolph County (portions listed); District 79: Beaufort County, Dare County (portions listed), Hyde County; Pamlico County; District 80: Davidson County (portions listed); District 81: Davidson County (portions listed); District 82: Cabarrus County (portions listed); District 83: Cabarrus County (portions listed), Rowan County (portions listed); District 84: Iredell County (portions listed); District 85: Avery County, McDowell County (portions listed), Mitchell County, Yancey County; District 86: Burke County; District 87: Caldwell County, Watauga County (portions listed); District 88: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 89: Catawba County (portions listed); District 90: Surry County, Wilkes County (portions listed); District 91: Forsyth County (portions listed), Stokes County; District 92: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 93: Alleghany County, Ashe County, Watauga County (portions listed); District 94: Alexander County, Wilkes County (portions listed); District 95: Iredell County (portions listed); District 96: Catawba County (portions listed); District 97: Lincoln County; District 98: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 99: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 100: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 101: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 102: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 103: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 104: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 105: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 106: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 107: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 108: Gaston County (portions listed); District 109: Gaston County (portions listed); District 110: Cleveland County (portions listed), Gaston County (portions listed); District 111: Cleveland County (portions listed), Rutherford County (portions listed); District 112: Mecklenburg County (portions listed); District 113: Henderson County (portions listed), McDowell County (portions listed), Polk County, Rutherford County (portions listed); District 114: Buncombe County (portions listed); District 115: Buncombe County (portions listed); District 116: Buncombe County (portions listed); District 117: Henderson County (portions listed); District 118: Haywood County, Madison County; District 119: Jackson County, Swain County, Transylvania County; and District 120: Cherokee County, Clay County, Graham County, Macon County.

    Conditions the above apportionment of districts upon its approval or adoption by the Wake County Superior Court in identified cases and the denial by the NC Supreme Court of any motion to stay the approval or adoption of such districts, unless the US Supreme Court or a federal court reverses or stays the specified February 2022 NC Supreme Court order or opinion holding unconstitutional GS 120-2, as it existed prior to the enactment of this act, in which case the prior enactment is effective. 

    Changes the act's short title. 

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    Blank bill that would amend GS 120-2, as amended, to establish boundaries for 120 single-member districts for the purpose of nominating and electing members of the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2022.