• Summary date: May 5 2021 - More information

    House committee substitute to the 1st edition adds the following. Makes a conforming change to GS 58-76-25 to remove reference to the county coroner with regards to evidence admissible against a principal in actions brought upon the official bonds of public officers. 

  • Summary date: Apr 28 2021 - More information

    Part I. Repeals GS Chapter 152, which provides for the election, power and duties of a county coroner. 

    Part II.

    Amends GS 1-313 to deem the clerk of court the proper official to which an execution for the enforcement of a judgement must be directed when the sheriff is a party to or interested in the judgement (currently only if the county has abolished the office of coroner). Makes conforming changes. 

    Repeals GS 130A-394 which requires coroners to make inquests and preliminary hearings when specified circumstances surrounding the deceased's death so require. 

    Amends GS 153A-149 to eliminate providing for the county medical examiner or coroner from the authorized purposes for a county to levy property taxes.

    Amends GS 162-5 and GS 162-5.1 to charge the chief deputy sheriff or the senior deputy in years of service with service of process duties of the sheriff in the event of vacancy (currently only if the county has abolished the office of coroner).

    Amends GS 162-16 to direct the clerk of court to serve or execute summonses, orders or judgements, or other acts required of the sheriff when the sheriff is a party.

    Makes conforming changes to the following statutes to remove reference to a coroner: GS 1A-1, Rule 45; GS 7A-312; GS 14-230; GS 14-240; GS 17-18 (with conforming changes to the statute's title); GS 17-19; GS 17-22; GS 17-44; GS 39-5; GS 58-72-10; GS 58-76-5; GS 58-76-15; GS 58-76-30; GS 90-210.25; GS 90-210.124; GS 128-13; GS 130A-389.1; GS 130A-420; GS 153A-149; GS 153A-225;GS 162-13; and GS 163-1.

    Part III.

    Provides for elected coroners to serve until the expiration of his or her term, with applicable statutes and local acts remaining in full force and effect in counties which have not abolished the office of coroner. Provides for the abolition of each office as current coroners' terms expire, with applicable statutes and local acts repealed for that county at that time. 

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