Bill Summaries: H 1180 SAM'S LAW.

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  • Summary date: May 26 2020 - View Summary

    Names the act either the Seizure Safe Schools Act of 2020, or Sam’s Law.

    Enacts new GS 115C-375.7 to allow the parent of any student to petition a school unit for the development of a seizure action plan if the student is diagnosed with a seizure disorder and is enrolled in the school unit. Defines school unit as a public school unit or school that meets the requirements of Part 1 (Private Church Schools and Schools of Religious Charter) or Part 2 (Qualified Nonpublic Schools) of Article 39. 

    Requires the seizure action plan to be kept on file in the office of a school administrator or school nurse and requires that the plan be available to any school personnel and, with the parent’s permission, any volunteer responsible for supervising the student. Makes the parent and school unit responsible for developing the plan in accordance with policies and procedures developed by the school unit’s governing body and requires the plan to include three specified components. Requires at least one employee in each school in the unit to be trained to administer or assist with self-administering seizure medication. Requires the governing body of each school to adopt (1) minimum training requirements, consistent with specified training guidelines, for employees and volunteers that may supervise students with seizure disorders if the volunteer elects to receive the training; (2) a policy outlining the requirements of an annual seizure education program for all school personnel having direct contact with students in K-12, which must meet specified requirements; and (3) a policy requiring all principals, guidance counselors, and teachers to complete at least one hour of self-study review of seizure disorder materials each school year. Requires displaying a seizure first aid poster in each school.

    Amends GS 115C-12 to require the State Board of Education to develop a policy on seizures.

    Amends GS 115C-47 to require each local board of education to adopt a policy on seizures. Amends GS 115C-218.75, GS 115C-238.66, and GS 116-11, and enacts GS 115C-548.5 and GS 115C-556.5 to require charter schools, regional schools, schools operated by a UNC constituent university, private church schools or religious charter schools, and qualified nonpublic schools, respectively, to adopt a policy regarding seizures.

    Appropriates $20,000 in nonrecurring funds for 2020-21 from the General Fund to the Department of Public Instruction to assist the State Board of Education in the development of its seizure policy and with costs associated with the act.

    Effective July 1, 2020, and applies beginning with the 2021-22 school year.