Bill Summaries: H1175 2020 SAFE DRINKING WATER ACT.

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  • Summary date: May 26 2020 - View Summary

    Requires the Commission for Public Health (Commission) to, no later than 100 days after the date this act becomes law: (1) commence rulemaking to establish maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for probable or known carcinogens and other toxic chemicals that are likely to pose a substantial hazard to public health, requiring at least the establishment of MCLs for the five specified contaminants, including per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS); and (2) for any other contaminants where two or more other states have set MCLs or issued guidance on such contaminants, the Commission must consider establishing MCLs for such contaminants. Requires the Commission to do the following when establishing the MCLs: (1) review MCLs adopted by other states, the studies and scientific evidence reviewed by those states, material in the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and the latest peer-reviewed science and independent or government agency studies on appropriate MCLs for such contaminants; and (2) adopt MCLs protective of public health, including vulnerable subpopulations, which state MCLs must not exceed any MCL or health advisory established by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

    Requires the Commission to annually review the latest peer-reviewed science and independent or government agency studies and undertake additional rulemaking, as necessary to establish or revise MCLs for contaminants likely to pose a substantial threat to public health.

    Appropriates $6 million in recurring funds for 2020-21 from the General Fund to the Department of Health and Human Services to carry out the act's requirements. Allows DHHS to establish up to 37 FTE positions with these funds.