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  • Summary date: Sep 17 2019 - View Summary

    AN ACT TO COMPLY WITH ORDER OF THE COURT IN 18 CVS 014001, WAKE COUNTY. SL 2019-219. Enacted September 17, 2019. Effective September 17, 2019.

  • Summary date: Sep 13 2019 - View Summary

    Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition.

    Deletes the changes to GS 120-1. Amends GS 120-1 to establish boundaries for 50 single-member senatorial districts for the purpose of nominating and electing members of the Senate in 2020 and every two years thereafter. Maintains the act's effective date provisions. Amends the act's short title.

    The currently available map of the Senate districts proposed and released before the committee meeting is posted on the General Assembly’s website here.

  • Summary date: Sep 11 2019 - View Summary

    Sets out GS 120-1(a), which sets forth the composition of the Senatorial districts, without changes.

    Specifies that the plan adopted by Section 1 of this act is effective for the elections in 2020 unless the North Carolina Supreme Court reverses or stays the decision of the Wake County Superior Court in 18 CVS 014001 holding unconstitutional GS 120-1(a) as it existed prior to the enactment of this act (or the decision is otherwise enjoined or made inoperable or ineffective), and in any such case the prior version of GS 120-1(a) is again effective.