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  • Summary date: Apr 18 2019 - View Summary

    Amends GS 115C-12 requiring the State Board of Education to adopt guidelines to disseminate to public schools to ensure access to a free appropriate public education for students with sickle cell disease. Sets out required consultations when developing the guidelines and requires referring to specified federal recommendations and agreements when developing the guidelines. Requires the guidelines to include at least: (1) procedures for the development of an individual care plan at the written request of the student's parent or guardian and involving the parent or guardian, the student's health care provider, the student's classroom teacher, the student if appropriate, the school nurse if available, and other appropriate school personnel; (2) procedures for regular review of an individual care plan; (3) information on implementation of reasonable accommodations for students consistent with the requirements of federal law; and (4) information and staff development to be made available to teachers and other school personnel in order to appropriately support and assist students with sickle cell disease. Applies beginning with the 2019-20 school year.

    Amends GS 115D-5 and GS 116-11 requiring the State Board of Community Colleges, and the UNC Board of Governors, respectively, to adopt a policy directing every community college and constituent institution to provide at the beginning of each semester the opportunity for enrolled students with sickle cell disease to request and develop a plan with the responsible school administrator to provide for appropriate, reasonable academic and non-academic accommodations to ensure that the college does not discriminate against the student on the basis of having the disability consistent with federal law requirements. Requires that the policy include at least: (1) dissemination of information to students at the beginning of each semester regarding the opportunity to develop and implement a plan with a designated school administrator for reasonable academic and nonacademic accommodations as necessary; also requires annual training to personnel regarding the development of the plan and accommodations for students with disabilities in general; (2) procedures for the designated school administrator to determine reasonable accommodations consistent with the requirements of federal law for the student that are specific to the student's needs; (3) procedures for the designated school administrator to finalize the plan and to inform faculty members for the student's courses of the plan and their responsibilities to provide reasonable accommodations under the plan; also requires reviewing the plan every semester for any necessary revisions; (4) grievance procedures for students in developing a plan and, if the requirements of a finalized plan are not met, steps to ensure that students may raise concerns fully and fairly, and be provided prompt and equitable resolution of complaints. Applies beginning with the 2019-20 academic year.