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  • Summary date: Apr 11 2019 - View Summary

    Amends GS 163A-862 to require the State Board of Elections (State Board) to develop an application for voter registration which can be filled in online and printed for mailing in addition to an application form which can be printed out blank. Requires the online fillable voter registration form to allow the user to save the data using proper software, and prompt the user to easily download the mailing address of the appropriate county board of elections based on residence and download a list of all county boards of elections mailing addresses. Makes conforming and clarifying changes.

    Enacts GS 163A-864.1 to permit individuals to submit a voter registration application online if the individual is eligible to register and possesses a current and valid NC drivers license or special identification card. Directs the State Board of Elections to establish a secure website to permit individuals to complete and submit online voter registration applications. Requires the website to provide for submission of a voter registration application or an application reporting a change of name, address or party affiliation, an affirmation of citizenship, or any information to establish registration eligibility. Specifies that an individual reporting an out of county address change will be treated as an applicant to register.

    Directs the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in accordance with State Board established procedures, to compare applicant information with information maintained in its database to verify the applicant possesses a current and valid form of acceptable identification (drivers license or special identification card). Once confirmed, directs the DMV to submit completed applications and information it compiled to the appropriate county board of elections pursuant to State Board established procedures. Provides for the DMV to send the appropriate county board the application and information it compiled when it cannot verify the applicant's information and that the application cannot be processed; requires the county board to then notify the applicant by mail or email, if provided, so that the applicant has the opportunity to register under GS 163A-865 (submitted application to county board) or GS 163A-866 (submitting application or changes at one-stop sites).

    Effective December 1, 2019.