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  • Summary date: Mar 14 2019 - View Summary

    Applies to Granville County only; effective October 1, 2019.

    Makes it unlawful to hunt or attempt to hunt on the land of another, fish on the land of another, or to possess a firearm, bow and arrow, crossbow, or other weapon, on the land of another or on the right-of-way of any public road or highway adjacent to the land of another for purposes of taking wildlife without having written permission on one's person. Requires the written permission be signed by the landowner or lessee, or the landowner or lessee's designee, and dated for the current hunting or fishing season. Prohibits written permission from exceeding one year and permits the written permission to be valid for a shorter period than stated in the permission. Requires the permission to be displayed upon request of specified law enforcement officers. 

    Deems members of a hunting club to have the written permission required to hunt or fish if the landowner or lessee granted permission to the hunting club to hunt or fish on the land and the person carries a membership card and a copy of valid written permission granted to the hunting club. 

    Considers a person not physically present on another person's land to be hunting on the land if the person allows a dog under the person's ownership, possession, or control to run upon or across another person's land in order to hunt deer or bear during their respective seasons.

    Exempts from the provisions (1) the landowner or lessee's immediate family, as defined, and (2) highway travelers lawfully possessing weapons in the course of travel not stopped or loitering for the purpose of hunting or using weapons. 

    Makes it unlawful to hunt at any time on, from, or across the right-of-way of any public road or highway.

    Makes it unlawful to hunt deer or bear with the aid of dogs unless (1) each dog wears a GPS tracking collar with tags identifying the full name, address, and phone number of its owner or the president of the hunting club which is using the dog to hunt; (2) the individual or hunt club using dogs to hunt allows specified officers to inspect data from each dog's GPS device; and (3) the release location of the dogs is at least 200 contiguous acres owned by the person or consists of at least 350 contiguous acres where the person has written permission to hunt, as enacted. Excludes the use of a single, leashed dog to assist a hunter in receiving a dead or wounded animal.

    Defines hunt to have the same meaning as provided in GS 113-130(5a).

    Makes any violation of the act a Class 2 misdemeanor, enforceable by law enforcement officers of the Wildlife Resources Commission, sheriffs and deputy sheriffs, and other peace officers with general subject matter jurisdiction. 

    Makes conforming repeals to the following laws, regarding property registration and the regulation of hunting: SL 1959-459 (regarding hunting deer from public highways); SL 1991-159 (regarding property registration, "posted" notices, and entry permits); SL 1995-152 (regarding property registration); SL 2009-45 (prohibiting hunting with dogs without permission); SL 2009-118 (concerning property registration).