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  • Summary date: Feb 27 2019 - View Summary

    Identical to H 193, filed 2/26/19.

    Adds new Subchapter D, Small Business Enterprise Program, to Chapter VII of the Greensboro City Charter, SL 1959-1137. Allows Greensboro to establish a race- and gender-neutral small business enterprise program to promote the development of small businesses in the Greensboro Metropolitan Statistical Area and to enhance opportunities for small businesses to participate in city contracts. Allows the city to define the term and establish bid and proposal specifications. Allows the city to consider a bidder's efforts to comply with small business enterprise program requirements in its award of city contracts and, if a bidder is determined to have failed to comply with the requirements, allows the city to refuse to award a contract to the bidder. Goals or efforts established to achieve veteran, minority, and women's business participation consistent with the specified statutes take precedence over goals for small business enterprise participation established under the program authorized by this section.