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    Changes elections for the Boards of Education of Beaufort, Dare, Haywood, Hyde, Madison, and Yancey counties from nonpartisan elections to partisan elections, beginning in 2018. Directs elections for those Boards of Education to be held at the time of the general election in each even­numbered year as terms expire, and to be held and conducted in accordance with the general laws governing primaries and elections for county officers. Directs newly elected members to take office the first Monday of December of the year of their election. Directs vacancies for seats elected on a partisan basis to be filled in accordance with GS 115C­37.1, and vacancies for seats elected on a nonpartisan basis in 2014 or 2016 to be filled in accordance with GS 115C­37(f). Does not affect the terms of members elected in the 2014 or 2016 elections, and directs those members to serve until a successor has been elected and qualified. Makes conforming repeals.

    Reduces the number of seats on the Dare County Board of Education from four to three.

    Establishes that the Haywood County Board of Education consists of nine members, eight to be elected from six designated election districts, as specified, and requires a chair to be elected by the voters of Haywood County at large.

    Specifies election cycles for individual seats on the Hyde County Board of Education.

    Requires vacancy appointments to the Madison County Board of Education to reside in the election district where the vacancy exists, and a vacancy appointment to the chair of the Board to reside in the same district resided in at the time of the chair's election.

    Makes a conforming change to GS 115C­37.1(d).