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  • Summary date: Jun 13 2013 - View Summary

    A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT TO ESTABLISH A FOSTER CARE OMBUDSMAN PILOT PROGRAM IN GASTON COUNTY. Enacted June 13, 2013. Effective June 13, 2013, and expires July 1, 2015.

  • Summary date: Mar 28 2013 - View Summary

    House committee substitute makes the following changes to the first edition.

    Section 1(a) deletes the description of the purpose and whom the program would apply to.

    Section 1(b) deletes language stating the ombudsman will have access to records in the possession or control of the Gaston Department of Social Services that are necessary for the ombudsman to fulfill his or her duties.

    Section 1(c) reorganizes this section and the descriptions of the ombudsman, listing nine responsibilities of the ombudsman, including providing to the director of social services a periodic report on foster placements within the county and comply with any other duties or responsibilities deemed appropriate.

    Section 2, new section to the bill, amends GS 7B-906(c), providing that at every review hearing the court will consider information from the foster care ombudsman to aid in its review.

    Section 3, new section to the bill, amends GS 7B-907 (Permanency planning hearing), providing that the clerk will issue a notice of a permanency planning hearing at least 15 days in advance to the foster care ombudsman. Provides that at any permanency planning review the court will consider information from the foster care ombudsman that will aid in its review.


  • Summary date: Feb 5 2013 - View Summary

    As title indicates, creates a foster care ombudsman pilot program in Gaston County to establish a process for specified parties to resolve issues related to foster children. Directs the board of commissioners to appoint the ombudsman, who will have access to social services records in the county. Details the ombudsman's duties, including the responsibility to investigate complaints and the power to initiate investigations. Sets the pilot program to expire on July 1, 2015.