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  • Summary date: Apr 15 2015 - View Summary

    Enacts new Article 2B of GS Chapter 95, which establishes requirements applicable to employers of shift workers, defined to include employees who work day and evening shifts on a regular, rotating, or intermittent basis.

    GS 95-25.33 requires employers to provide employees with advance notice of work schedules and schedule changes, compensation when schedule changes are made without advance notice, and pay for on-call shifts when the employee is not called in to work. Outlines exceptions that apply to the compensation requirements.

    GS 95-25.34 requires employers to provide part-time employees with the same starting hourly wage provided to comparable full-time employees (subject to some exceptions), access to comparable paid and unpaid time off, and comparable eligibility for promotions.

    GS 95-25.35 requires the Commissioner of Labor to publish notices for employers to post in the workplace. GS 95-25.36 requires employers to retain certain records and provide the Department of Labor with access to those records.

    GS 95-25.37 prohibits interference with an employee's attempt to exercise any of the rights in this law and prohibits an employer for retaliating against an employee for doing so. GS 95-25.38 authorizes the Commissioner of Labor to investigate violations and enforce the law and authorizes appeals from enforcement actions.

    GS 95-25.39 includes a severability clause and provides that the law does not limit other rights and remedies available to employees.

    Effective January 1, 2016.