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  • Summary date: Jul 17 2012 - View Summary

    AN ACT TO ALLOW THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION TO ENTER INTO A PILOT PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP TOLL PROJECT. Summarized in Daily Bulletin 5/23/12, 6/26/12, 6/27/12, 7/2/12, and 7/3/12. Enacted July 16, 2012. Effective July 16, 2012.

  • Summary date: Jul 3 2012 - View Summary

    Senate amendment makes the following change to 4th edition.
    Deletes provision that prohibited the Department of Transportation from collecting increased ferry tolls in 2012-13 and that reallocated specified funds.

  • Summary date: Jul 2 2012 - View Summary

    Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to 3rd edition.
    Amends GS 136-18 to authorize the Department of Transportation (DOT) to enter into a partnership agreement as specified (previously specified an agreement in connection with the I-77 High Occupancy Toll). Requires the pilot project to be (1) a candidate for funding under the Mobility Fund, (2) planned for construction through a public-private partnership, and (3) have a Request for Qualifications issued by June 30, 2012. Makes other clarifying changes.
    Adds a section to amend a section of House Bill 950, Modify 2011 Appropriations Act. Prohibits the DOT from collecting increased ferry tolls in 2012-13, and makes specified allocations to the DOT.
    Makes conforming changes to the title.

  • Summary date: Jun 27 2012 - View Summary

    House committee substitute makes the following changes to 2nd edition.
    Changes the bill title to AN ACT TO ESTABLISH A PILOT PROJECT FOR TOLLING THE I-77 HIGH OCCUPANCY TOLL PROJECT. Amends GS 136-18(39) to state that the added provisions (concerning partnership agreement and assignment) apply to an agreement entered into in connection with the I-77 High Occupancy Toll project (previously applied statewide), as defined. Makes conforming changes to delete revenues provision and the amendments to GS 136-89.183 (applicability to Turnpike Authority). Amends proposed subdivision (43) to GS 136-18 to specify that the Department of Transportation may act as a conduit issuer for private activity bonds so long as such bonds are not a debt obligation of the state.

  • Summary date: Jun 26 2012 - View Summary

    House committee substitute makes the following changes to 1st edition.
    Prohibits execution of any contract for transportation infrastructure under a partnership agreement that requires the Department of Transportation (DOT) to make certain payments after final acceptance of such infrastructure without approval from the Local Government Commission. Clarifies the right to assign under partnership agreements, and requires all revenues from the project not otherwise allocated to be spent in the affected Metropolitan Planning Organization or Rural Transportation Planning Organization. Makes clarifying changes to the provision concerning DOT’s authority to exercise certain powers independent of the Turnpike Authority.
    Adds a section, amending GS 136-89.183 (powers of the Turnpike Authority), to permit the Authority to enter into similar public-private partnership agreements, as specified.

  • Summary date: May 23 2012 - View Summary

    Amends GS 136-18(39), which concerns the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) power to enter into public-private partnership agreements, to permit any such agreement to comply with certain conditions, including the provision of performance and payment security, the ability to assign rights, the power to set and revise tolls, and the use of unallocated revenues from transportation infrastructure. Also authorizes the DOT to exercise powers and duties under Article 6H (public toll roads and bridges) independently of the Turnpike Authority, and to contract with vendors to exercise such powers.