Bill Summary for S 747 (2023-2024)

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Aug 16 2023

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Senate Bill 747 (Public) Filed Thursday, June 1, 2023
Intro. by Hise, P. Newton, Daniel.

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Bill summary

House amendments make the following changes to the 4th edition.

Amendment #7 makes the following changes. Amends GS 163-33 by providing that county boards of elections are not prohibited from accepting the following in-kind donations: (1) use of a voting site, if that voting site is used for the purpose of conducting elections; (2) food or beverages for precinct officials or other workers at the voting place or county board of elections office; and (3) ink pens and personal protection equipment to be used in an election.

Amendment #18 makes the following changes. Amends proposed GS 163-45.1(f) by no longer requiring the development and use of a form for challenges to the list of observers. Amends subsection (k) by deleting the provision related to the process for appealing denial of the ability to serve as an observer. Instead, requires the State Board of Elections (State Board) to develop a uniform process for all county boards of elections and the State Board to implement for: (1) the filing and hearing of challenges of the appointment of an observer, (2) the hearing of appeals on challenges of the appointment of an observer, and (3) the hearing of appeals on the removal of an observer from the voting place.

Amends proposed GS 9-6.2 to require that the clerk of superior court communicate information regarding requests to be excused from jury duty on the basis that the person is not a US citizen to the State Board on a schedule determined by the State Board (was, at least on a semiannual basis).

Makes additional technical changes.