Bill Summary for S 591 (2011-2012)

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Apr 13 2011

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Senate Bill 591 (Public) Filed Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Intro. by Kinnaird, Pate.

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Bill summary

Proposes constitutional amendment effective January 1, 2013, to create independent redistricting commission similar to that proposed by House Bill 783, filed 4/6/11, with most significant differences being January 1, 2013, effective date of the amendment (House Bill 783 would apply only to redistricting after 2020 census); difference in composition of the commission; inclusion of amendments to GS Chapter 163 on procedure for selection of commission; and naming of the commission after former state senator Ham Horton.
Constitutional amendment provides for 11-member Hamilton C. Horton, Jr. Independent Redistricting Commission (Commission), four members each from the two largest political parties and three unaffiliated with either major party. Prohibits more than two members from residing in the same county and requires racial, ethnic, geographic and gender diversity. Excludes anyone or any family member who has been a candidate for or served in public office in the last five years or has been a party official or employee or a lobbyist. Provides additional details on the Commission composition.
New GS 163-207.1 sets out procedure for selection of redistricting Commission. Sets out nominating process for selecting screening panelists. Creates 10-member screening panel of current or retired county election board members and directors responsible for establishing a pool of 55 nominees for the Commission, with nominees 20 each registered with two major political parties. President Pro Tempore, Speaker and Minority Leaders in both houses then get to strike up to two nominees each. Commission members are then chosen by lottery by the State Board of Elections (State Board) from political party and unaffiliated subpools. If three of four legislative leaders object to Commission for lack of diversity, the State Board goes to another round of random drawings, with a limit of three drawings.
Constitutional amendment to go on ballot at November 2012 general election.