Bill Summary for S 510 (2019-2020)

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Apr 4 2019

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Senate Bill 510 (Public) Filed Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Intro. by B. Jackson, Burgin, Sawyer.

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Bill summary

Amends GS 62-3 to define energy storing equipment as a set of technologies capable of storing electronic energy and later releasing it. The type of energy stored must be capable of being released as electric power at a later time. The qualifying energies include, but are not limited to, the storage of potential, kinetic, chemical, or thermal energy. Amends GS 62-159.3 by adding a new provision to clarify that the addition of energy storing equipment to a renewable energy generating facility will not constitute a material modification of the facility if: (1) the equipment is connected to the DC side of the facility, (2) the AC rating is not modified, and (3) the total output does not exceed the established maximum export capacity. This provision applies to facilities that are operational, under construction, or have interconnection applications pending with a public utility.


Requires the North Carolina Utilities Commission (Commission), within 60 days after the effective date of the act, to initiate a proceeding to (1) modify the North Carolina Interconnection Procedures to expedite the interconnection of energy storage equipment to the grid and the addition of energy storage equipment to renewable energy generating facilities, and (2) determine whether new or modified public utility tariffs are needed to appropriately compensate operators of energy storage equipment, including small power producers, for the full range of services provided by energy storage equipment. Sets out five requirements for the proceeding, including, if in the public interest, adopting new or modified tariffs for small power producers that add energy storage equipment to operating renewable energy facilities. Requires the Commission to provide interested parties and opportunity to intervene, conduct discovery, and present testimony in the proceeding. Allows the Commission to employ third-party consultants and experts. 

Revises GS 105-275(45) to add energy storage equipment to the eighty percent (80%) appraisal requirement. Clarifies that the term “solar energy electric system” includes equipment connected to the solar energy electric system. Provides that “energy storage equipment” has the same meaning as in GS 62-3.