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Jul 16 2013

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Senate Bill 337 (Public) Filed Thursday, March 14, 2013
Intro. by Tillman, Soucek.

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Bill summary

Conference report makes the following changes to the 7th edition.

Amends GS 115C-238.29A by amending the membership of the NC Charter Schools Advisory Board to remove the vice-chair of the Advisory Board from those members appointed by the Governor. Makes conforming changes. Adds that the Advisory Board must annually elect a vice-chair from among its membership. Adds that any appointed member of the Advisory Board may be removed by a vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the Advisory Board at any meeting for any cause that renders the member incapable or unfit to discharge the duties of the office.

Amends GS 115C-238.29B to add that the State Board of Education (State Board) must establish reasonable fees of no less than $500 and no more than $1,000 for initial and renewal charter applications. Prohibits refunding application fees if the application is rejected or the charter is revoked.

Amends GS 115C-238.29F to require at least 25% of the charter school's teachers to hold teacher licenses (was, at least 50% of the teachers hold teacher certificates). Deletes proposed changes concerning the racial and ethnic composition of the school's population, enrollment priority, and lottery procedures for siblings.

Amends GS 115C-238.29G to allow the State Board, in addition to termination or not renewing a charter, to also seek applicants to assume the charter through a competitive bid process upon six specified grounds. Provides that if a charter school is inadequate and has had a charter for more than five years, the State Board is authorized to terminate, not renew, or seek applicants to assume the charter through a competitive bid process (was, authorized to terminate or not renew the charter). Adds that the State Board must adopt rules on the assumption of a charter that include all aspects of the operation of the school. Provides that public assets would transfer to the new entity and not revert to the local school administrative unit where the charter school is located.

Amends GS 115C-238.29H to delete proposed language concerning interest if a local school administrative unit fails to timely comply with the transfer of required funds for a student attending a charter school and concerning the return by the charter schools of a greater share of funds than what is required.

Adds a provision amending GS 105-275 to exclude from the tax base real property that is occupied by a charter school and wholly and exclusively used for educational purposes, regardless of the ownership of the property. Effective for taxes imposed for taxable years beginning on or after July 1, 2013.

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