Bill Summary for S 171 (2023-2024)

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Apr 19 2023

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Senate Bill 171 (Public) Filed Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Intro. by Daniel.

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Bill summary

Senate committee substitute to the 1st edition makes the following changes.  

Deletes proposed revisions to GS 143B-911(d) that would have given the special police officers of the State Capitol Police the same powers of arrest as police officers generally. Instead, sets forth three prongs of authority for these police officers as follows: retains original provisions in GS 143-911(d) that give police officers the same power of arrest as police officers in the City of Raleigh within the territorial limits of the city and the same authority as a deputy sheriff in buildings and on the grounds of property owned, leased, or maintained by the State located in Wake County and adds new provision that grants the officers the same authority as a deputy sheriff in a building or a portion of a building, or on the grounds thereof, when owned or leased by the State, located anywhere in the State, when the State agency responsible for that building or any portion thereof executes a written agreement for service with the State Capitol Police related to that specific building or portion thereof. Deletes proposed amendments to GS 15A-150(e).

Amends new GS 127A-63 (pertaining to access to law enforcement and medical examiner records by the adjutant general) as follows. Removes designees of Adjutant General as individuals who may request records covered under the statute and adds National Guard Staff Judge Advocate. Limits the type of records that may be obtained to criminal investigations (was criminal investigation and criminal intelligence) from a law enforcement agency or medical examiner (was, also a district attorney). Makes conforming changes. Now limits the use of the records to a court-martial action or administrative investigation or proceeding involving a member of the National Guard. Makes conforming change to GS 132-1.4 to add National Guard Staff Judge Advocate.  Amends GS 127A-47 to delete reference to GS 172A-47(b). 

Adds new GS 143B-1001, establishing Samarcand Training Academy (STA) within the Department of Public Safety. Specifies that the STA’s duties include: (1) delivering or providing use of its facilities for training programs for public safety personnel or agencies, including: Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies; Federal and State correction agencies; The North Carolina National Guard; The United States Military; jails and other correctional facilities maintained by local governments; the courts of the State and juvenile justice agencies; and any other agency with a public safety objective; (2) developing a predetermined fee structure designed to cover actual costs of material services for the use of its facilities; and (3) taking other actions as may be deemed necessary or appropriate to carry out its assigned duties and responsibilities, as directed by the Secretary of Public Safety.

Makes organizational and technical changes.