Bill Summary for H 869 (2019-2020)

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Apr 18 2019

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House Bill 869 (Public) Filed Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Intro. by Arp, Jarvis, Hunter.

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Bill summary

Amends GS 143-128.1A concerning public design-build contracts. Adds to the statute's defined terms design professional, first-tier subcontractor, licensed contractor, licensed subcontractor, and unlicensed subcontractor. Modifies the alternative options for the statement a design-builder must include in its response to a governmental entity's request for qualifications as follows. Requires either a list of the licensed contractors, licensed subcontractors, and design professionals (was, licensed design professionals) whom the design-builder proposes to use for the project's design and construction, or a list of the licensed contractors and design professionals whom the design-builder proposes to use for the project's design and construction and an outline of the strategy the design-builder plans to use for open subcontractor selection (was, open contractor and subcontractor selection) based on Article 8 (previously did not require a list in addition to the strategy outline option). In either case, now allows the design-builder to self-perform some or all of the work with employees of the design-builder. If using the first statement option, allows design-builders to enter into negotiated subcontracts to perform some or all of the work with licensed subcontractors without bidding and whether or not identified on the list, and allows the list to include one or more unlicensed subcontractors the design-builder proposes to use. If using the second statement option, allows the list to include one or more of the licensed or unlicensed subcontractors the design-builder proposes to use, and allows the design-builder to enter into a negotiated subcontract with those listed licensed or unlicensed subcontractors in lieu of bidding the scope of work that would otherwise be performed by the identified licensed or unlicensed subcontractors. 

Amends GS 143-128.1B concerning public design-build bridging contracts. Adds to the defined terms costs of the subcontractor work, general conditions, and licensed contractor. Prohibits requiring a design-builder to provide the costs of the subcontractor work, defined as the sum of all first-tier subcontract packages bid and proposed to be bid for all construction work under the statute, in the design criteria package, but permits requiring disclosure of the costs after the contract has been executed. Adds to the required contents of the design criteria package the list of general conditions, as defined, prepared by the governmental entity which the design-builder is to provide for a fixed fee, and the form of the contract to be entered into by the successful design-builder to whom the project is awarded. Allows the governmental entity to determine the form of the contract. Now requires the governmental entity's request for proposal to include a statement submitted in a separate sealed envelope, contemporaneously with the response to the RFP, the design builder's fixed fees, separately listed, for the general conditions identified in the request for proposal, the general construction services not otherwise provided for, and the design-builder's design services necessary to complete the project. Concerning the required statement of project team selection and member qualification, refers to design professionals rather than licensed design professionals. 

Amends GS 143-129 to exclude from the provisions of Article 8, Public Contracts, contracts by a public entity with a design-builder executed pursuant to GS 143-128.1A or GS 143-128.1B, or with a private developer executed pursuant to GS 143-128.1C.

Applies to contracts entered into, amended, or renewed on or after October 1, 2019.