Bill Summary for H 613 (2011-2012)

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Apr 5 2011
S.L. 2011-224

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House Bill 613 (Public) Filed Monday, April 4, 2011
Intro. by Dollar, McGee.

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Bill summary

Current law provides that a state employee or a team of state employees may receive an incentive bonus or bonuses as a reward for suggestions or innovations resulting in monetary savings or increased revenues to the state, or improved quality of services to the public. Amends GS 143-345.21 to provide that the amount of savings generated by suggestions and innovations should be determined after a 12-month period of implementation or, if applicable, no more than 90 days after the one-time savings is determine or the suggestion is approved. Prohibits making suggestion payments (was, incentive bonus) prior to the expiration of 12 months, or 90 days after the final one-time savings are determined or the suggestion is approved. Provides that no monetary award or leave can be awarded through NC-Thinks where such an award or leave is specifically not allowed by the terms of the funding source. Moves the administration of the NC-Thinks program to the Office of State Personnel (was, the Department of Administration). Makes conforming changes.
Provides that 30% of the annualized savings or increased revenues realized from a state employee's suggestion or innovation is to be allocated as follows: (1) 15% (was, 10%) to the implementing agency for nonrecurring budget items to be used as specified, (2) 10% to the Office of State Personnel (was, Department of Administration), and (3) 5% (was, 10%) to the state employee education and training fund. Clarifies that the allocation to the state employee education and training fund does not revert even when nonreversion is otherwise allowed by law or policy. Makes an additional clarifying change.
Amends GS 143-345.23(d) to make the state personnel director (was, the executive secretary) responsible for oversight and administration of NC-Thinks. Provides that the state coordinator is an employee of the Office of State Personnel (was, of the Department of Administration). Amends GS 143-345.24(c) to provide that all administrative, management, clerical, and other functions and services required by the State Review Committee are to be supplied by the Office of State Personnel (was, the Department of Administration). Directs the Office of State Personnel and the State Review Committee to report annually to the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations on the administration of NC-Thinks.
Effective July 1, 2011, and applies to employees' suggestions made on or after that date.