Bill Summary for H 537 (2019-2020)

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Apr 2 2019

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House Bill 537 (Public) Filed Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Intro. by Conrad, Howard, Setzer, D. Hall.

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Bill summary

Amends GS 105-187.1, which sets forth defined terms for Article 5A, NC Highway Use Tax. Adds the terms limited possession commitment, vehicle sharing service, and vehicle subscription. Amends long-term lease or rental to specify that the term applies to agreements concerning a single motor vehicle. Amends retailer to include a person engaged in the business of offering vehicle subscriptions for motor vehicles. Amends short-term lease or rental to mean a lease or rental of a motor vehicle or motor vehicles, including a vehicle sharing service, that is not a long-term lease or rental or a vehicle subscription.  

Amends GS 105-187.5 to provide for a retailer to elect an alternate tax when applying for a certificate of title for a motor vehicle purchased for limited possession commitments (was, for lease or rental), defined as long-term lease or rental, short-term lease or rental, and vehicle subscriptions. Defines vehicle subscription to mean a written agreement that grants a person the right to use and exchange motor vehicles owned by the person offering the agreement upon payment of a subscription fee, excluding a vehicle sharing service, which is defined as a service for which a person pays a membership fee for the right to use a motor vehicle(s) upon payment of an additional time-based or mileage-based fee. Makes conforming changes to the statute to refer to "limited possession commitments" rather than "lease or rental". Sets tax rates for the gross receipts of vehicle subscriptions at 5% and maintains the current tax rates for short-term leases or rentals (8%) and long-term leases or rentals (3%). 

Amends GS 105-187.9 to require $10 million of the taxes collected at the rate of 5% and 8% under Article 5A (was only those collected at 8%) to be credited annually to the Highway Fund, with the remainder credited to the General Fund. Maintains the provision requiring taxes collected at the rate of 3% to be credited to the Highway Trust Fund. 

Amends GS 105-550 (concerning Regional Transit Authority vehicle rental tax) and GS 153A-156 (concerning county gross receipts tax on short-term leases or rentals) to amend the definitions of short-term lease or rental in each statute to now refer to the definition in GS 105-187.1, as amended. 

Applies to vehicle subscription agreements entered into on or after October 1, 2019.