Bill Summary for H 31 (2023-2024)

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May 8 2024

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House Bill 31 (Local) Filed Monday, January 30, 2023
Intro. by Warren.

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Bill summary

Conference report to the 2nd edition makes the following changes.

Effective when the act becomes law, amends Section C of Article V of “A Plan for the Merger of the Rowan County School and Salisbury City Schools,” as amended, to remove language pertaining to election of Board of Education (Board) members that address attendance zones, the district 6 and 7 seats, and the format of the ballots. Changes the candidate filing period to start at noon on the first Friday in July and to end on the third Friday in July (currently, candidates can begin filing starting on the sixteenth Friday before the election and no later than the twelfth Friday before the election). Removes language detailing required information for the notice of candidacy and instead requires the notice of candidacy to comply with Article 24 of GS Chapter 163 (concerning the conduct of municipal elections. Makes technical changes.

Makes the following provisions, which would have been effective when the act became law, so that they are now effective December 1, 2026, only if approved by the qualified voters of Rowan County in a referendum conducted by the Rowan County Board of Elections in the 2024 general election:

  • Requirement that the Board consist of seven members elected on a partisan basis at the time of the general election in each even-numbered year with members serving staggered four-year terms. Requirement for candidates to be nominated at the same time and manner as county officers. Requirement for the election to be conducted in accordance with the applicable provisions of GS Chapters 115C and 163.
  • Requirement for vacancies to be filled according to GS 115C-37.1. Requirement that a person reside in the resident district where a vacancy exists to be eligible for appointment to fill the vacancy.
  • Repeal of Sections C and D of Article V of “A Plan for Merger of the Rowan County School and the Salisbury City Schools," as amended by Section 2 of SL 1987-890, and Section 2 of the act.
  • Adds the specification that the act does not affect the term of members elected in 2022 or 2024 and sets out requirements for filling vacancies in offices of those elected to the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education in 2022 and 2024. 

Specifies that the referendum question will be whether the voter is for or against changing the method of election for the Board from nonpartisan to partisan.  If the referendum passes, then repeals requirement that vacancies on the Board be filled in accordance with GS 115C-37(f) along with the changes to Section C of Article V of “A Plan for Merger of the Rowan County School and the Salisbury City Schools," as amended by Section 2 of SL 1987-890 as described above.

Makes organizational changes. Amends the act's titles.