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Senate Bill 528 (Public) Filed Monday, April 3, 2023
Intro. by Salvador, Mayfield, Waddell.

Status: Re-ref to Appropriations/Base Budget. If fav, re-ref to Rules and Operations of the Senate (Senate action) (Apr 4 2023)
S 528

Bill Summaries:

  • Summary date: Apr 3 2023 - View Summary

    Directs the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to establish the Clean Air Grant Program (program) to provide grants to qualifying public school units, defined to mean public school units that are located in a county designated as a development tier one area that has a school with an HVAC unit that was manufactured at least 15 years prior to the date of grant application, to replace aging HVAC systems in schools. States the program's purpose, including reduction of the spread of infectious disease. Provides for qualifying public school units to apply to DPI for one or more grants. Directs DPI to develop criteria and guidelines for grant administration by August 1, 2023, including application deadlines and required application information. Directs DPI to award grants to qualifying public school units by December 31, 2023, based on the minimum criteria specified, which includes restricting use of grant funds to replacement of HVAC systems manufactured at least 15 years from the date of the grant application, and capping grants to $2.8 million per public school unit for any individual school in the unit. Specifies that grant funds are supplemental to other building maintenance funds. 

    Directs DPI to survey all public school units by December 31, 2023, to gather the number of HVAC systems manufactured at least 15 and at least 20 years prior to the date of the survey, and their replacement costs. 

    Further requires DPI to report to the specified NCGA committee and division by March 15, 2024, on the grant program, with specified content, including its survey results. 

    Appropriates $150 million from the General Fund to DPI for 2023-24 to provide the grants pursuant to the program.

    Effective July 1, 2023.