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House Bill 371 (Public) Filed Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Intro. by K. Hall, Penny, Clampitt.

Status: Ref to the Com on Wildlife Resources, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House (House action) (Mar 16 2023)
H 371

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    Amends GS 113-291.4B, pertaining to hunting foxes and trapping foxes and coyotes in certain areas, to allow for an open season in counties that are located west of or traversed by I-95. (Currently, only applies to 12 specified counties.)

    Repeals the following local acts: (1) Alamance: SL 1989-825 (pertaining to the per diem allowance for the Board of Pharmacy, appears to intend SL 1989-297) and SL 2008-44 (establishing open season on foxes and coyotes through rubber cleat traps June 1 through February 28 of each year); (2) Allegheny:  SL 2011-32 (an open season for taking foxes and coyotes with lawful weapons or traps from October 15 through March 1 in Allegheny and Surry Counties); (3) Anson: SL 1989-879 (establishing fox season in Anson and Stanly Counties); (4) Ashe: SL 2007-51, as rewritten by Section 2 of SL 2010-82 (pertaining to open season on foxes in Ashe County); (5) Avery: SL 1985-180 (establishing an open season on foxes December 1 through February 1 each year with bag limits); (6) Burke: SL 1989-163 (establishing open season on foxes by trapping in Burke County); (7) Caswell: SL 1937-411 (creating open season on foxes in Caswell County);  (8) Chatham: SL 1995-80 (amending various local laws in Chatham County including fox trapping season, a lease to the Chatham County College on Aging, and school board elections); (9) Franklin, Granville, Vance: Sections 1, 2, and 3 of SL 1993-208, as amended; (10) Granville: SL 1963-670 (establishing fox season); 27 (11) Halifax: Section 3 of SL 1925-571 (making it unlawful to hunt foxes at any time) and SL 1995-279 (establishing a trapping season for foxes); (12) Haywood: SL 1963-322 (regulating the hunting of red foxes in Haywood County; (13) Hoke, Person, Robeson, Scotland: SL 1985-108, as amended (allowing taking of foxes in Hoke and Robeson Counties and parts of Scotland County); (14) Iredell: SL 1985-664 (permitting the taking of foxes in certain townships in the county); (16) Lee: SL 1977-636 (permitting hunting with dogs and barring the sale of foxes except for the purposes of restocking in Burke, Caldwell, Lee, Harnett, Pamlico, and Martin Counties); (17) Lincoln: Sections 1 and 2 of SL 1925-449 (establishing a hunting season for foxes); (18) Madison: (making it unlawful for any person to poison, trap, or kill red foxes in Avery, Mitchell, Madison, or Yancy Counties); (19) Northampton: SL 1993-727 (changing the season for taking foxes in Caswell and Northampton Counties); (20) Richmond: SL 2001-133 (establishing a trapping season for foxes in Richmond County); (21) Rockingham: SL 1985-179, as amended (permitting the taking of foxes during a short open season): (22) Stanly: 1989-879 (establishing fox season in Anson and Stanly Counties); (23) Surry: Section 6 of SL 1925-474 with respect to fox seasons and SL 2011-32 (establishing a season for taking of foxes and coyotes in Surry County); (24) Wilkes: SL 1971-385 (making it lawful to take foxes in Wilkes County at any time); (25) City of Winston-Salem: Section 1 of SL 2010-82 (open season on foxes without bag limits in Winston-Salem from November 1 through February 28 of each year); and (26) Yadkin: SL 1953-199 (unlawful to bring foxes into the county and set them at large) and SL 2017-73 (permitting fox trapping in Yadkin and Davie Counties).

    Amends GS 113-133.1 (pertaining to limits upon local regulation of wildlife resources and retaining certain local acts) as follows. Deletes references to former GS 113-111. Limits the scope of SL 1955-286 that is reserved so that the misdemeanor set forth in Section 2 pertaining to letting foxes loose in Anson and Union Counties are the only things that still remain law. Makes conforming changes to reflect repeal of certain local laws set forth above.

    Effective October 1, 2023, and applies to offenses committed on or after that date.

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    To be summarized.