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House Bill 526 (Public) Filed Monday, April 12, 2021
Intro. by Hardister, Moffitt, Faircloth, Brockman.

Status: Ref to the Com on Finance, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House (House action) (Apr 13 2021)
H 526

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    Enacts GS 18B-1002.2, establishing an international trade market event permit. Provides for permit issuance to a managed food services company, defined as a company that contracts to provide food services in an international trade market and that possesses a mixed beverages permit for a location within the premises described in the application, to sell or serve malt beverages, unfortified wine, fortified wine, or mixed beverages on specifically defined premises in an international trade market at which the managed food services company is providing services for consumption on premises. DefinesĀ international trade market as an annual or biannual credentialed event lasting not less than five consecutive days and open only to members of a particular trade or industry. Provides for the permit to be used at two international trade market events of no more than 21 days per event during the duration of the permit. Specifies premises description requirements for the permit application, which can include multiple buildings and public or private outdoor areas, including streets and sidewalks, subject to local acts. Grants permittees discretion over prohibited area locations and times. Requires clear signage for the defined premises at each event. Establishes a 30-day notification requirement for each international trade market event and duration. Requires notification of the ABC Commission of any change in premises bounds prior to permit expiration. Subjects authority under the permit to local restrictions and authorizations regarding the sale of the type of alcoholic beverage offered for sale or service. Sets the permit fee at $250.

    Allows any international trade market event permit issued in 2021 to be used for three international trade market events of no more than 21 days per event. Sets expiration of 2021 permits on April 30, 2022.