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House Bill 54 (Public) Filed Thursday, January 31, 2013
Intro. by T. Moore.

Status: Adopted (House Action) (Feb 6 2013)

Bill History:

H 54

Bill Summaries:

  • Summary date: Feb 6 2013 - More information

    House amendments amend the 1st edition as follows:

    Amendment #2 amends Rule 2 to require that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited each day (was, the first day of each legislative week).

    Amendment #4 amends Rule 36.1 to require that a copy of the fiscal note be emailed to each member in addition to being filed and attached to the related bill or amendment. Also adds the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader to the list of those that are to be notiifed when a fiscal note will not be prepared within two legislative days.

  • Summary date: Jan 31 2013 - More information

    The 2013 Permanent House Rules include the revisions made by House Bill 1, and are the same as the rules adopted for the 2011-12 session, with the following changes. Amends Rule 19 to clarify that the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader may each allocate three minutes of debate after the previous question is ordered on the main question of second or third reading. Allows each leader to designate another member to act, whether or not the leader is in the chamber. Amends Rule 27 to delete the "Business and Labor" and "Science and Technology" subcommittees from the "Commerce and Job Development" committee; adds the following subcommittees: "Biotechnology and Health Care," "Energy and Emerging Markets," and "Military and Agriculture." Adds the "Business and Labor," "Environmental," and "Local Government" subcommittees in the "Regulatory Reform" committee. Renames "Public Utilities" as the "Public Utilities and Energy" committee.

    Amends Rule 31.1 to add public bills recommended by a commission established under GS Chapter 120 to the bills that must be requested by Feb. 19 and filed by Feb. 27. Changes the filing deadline to 3:00pm (was, 1:00pm) for public bills (not including appropriations or finance provisions). Requires public bills that include appropriations or finance provisions to be submitted to bill drafting by April 4 (was, April 24) and filed by April 17 (was, May 8). Adds that the rules governing bill filing deadlines do not apply to bills introduced by the Committees on Appropriations, Finance, or Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House. Amends Rule 35.1 to delete provision requiring assessment reports for bills addressing professional or occupational licensing boards. Revises the name of the subcommittee considering municipal incorporations.

    To access information on the 2011 rules, see House Bill 1 (11-12 session) and House Bill 19 (11-12 session).

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