Bill Summaries: S401 (2021)

  • Summary date: Mar 30 2021 - View summary

    Enacts Article 31A to GS Chapter 116 to statutorily establish the NC Collaboratory (Collaboratory) within UNC-Chapel Hill to facilitate the dissemination of the policy and research expertise of UNC and other institutions of higher educations in the state for practical use by State and local governments. Lists five powers and duties of the Collaboratory, including conducting, managing, or participating in research on natural resources management, and expanding research capacity and collaborative opportunities across UNC constituent institutions identified as Historically Minority-Serving Institutions through an annual grant program (incorporates and adds to the powers of the NC Policy Collaboratory established under Section 11.8 of SL 2016-94). Establishes conditions and restrictions for funding received by the Collaboratory, including permitting priority in disseminating funds for UNC constituent institutions, prohibiting legislative appropriations to be used for indirect overhead costs at partnering institutions, and exempting Collaboratory purchases for mandated research or investigations regarding emerging or immediate threats to public health, safety, or welfare from specified state law and procedures, documented as specified. 

    Amends Section 11.8 of SL 2016-94, as amended, which directs the UNC Board of Governors to establish the NC Policy Collaboratory at UNC-Chapel Hill. Now directs the BOG to use the $1 million in recurring funds appropriated in that act to the UNC BOG for 2016-17, in addition to any other funds appropriated for this purpose, to establish and operate the NC Collaboratory pursuant to new Article 31A, GS Chapter 116. Makes conforming repeals. 

    Appropriates $1 million in additional recurring funds from the General Fund to the UNC BOG for 2021-22 to be allocated to UNC-Chapel Hill for the operation of the Collaboratory pursuant to new Article 31A, GS Chapter 116.

    Effective July 1, 2021.