Bill Summaries: S336 (2017-2018 Session)

  • Summary date: Mar 21 2017 - View summary

    Identical to H 316, filed 3/9/17.

    Enacts new GS Chapter 115D, Article 5B.

    Sets out the purpose of the Manufacturing Solutions Center (Center) at Catawba Valley Community College (College). Directs the president of the College to appoint an individual to serve as the executive director of the Center. Directs the executive director to select Center personnel, subject to approval by the president of the College. Subjects executive director and Center personnel to personnel policies of the College. Directs that fees collected by the Center for services to industry, except for regular curriculum and continuing education tuition receipts, are retained by the Center and used for its operations. Exempts purchases made by the Center from GS Chapter 143, Article 3 (regarding state institution purchases and contracts). Directs the Center to notify the Secretary of the Department of Administration, or the Secretary's designee, of the intent to enter into contracts that exceed $1 million, and to include in all agreements or contracts awarded by the Center a clause allowing the State Auditor and Center auditors to audit the contractor's records during and after the term of the contract. Prohibits the Center from awarding a cost plus percentage of cost agreement or contract.