Bill Summaries: all (2017-2018 Session)

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    Enacts GS 153A-275.1 authorizing a county to provide infrastructure for the purpose of expanding high-speed internet access service in unserved areas of the county to promote and encourage economic development. Defines high-speed internet access service and unserved area. Specifies that the infrastructure can include, but is not limited to, conduit, fiber-optic cable, and fiber-optic wire. Authorizes the county to lease the infrastructure to unaffiliated, qualified private providers of high-speed internet access service. Requires any leases under this statute to comply with the provisions of Article 8 of GS Chapter 143 (concerning county property), and to be awarded on a technology-neutral basis. Requires the county to use only unrestricted general fund revenue to provide the authorized infrastructure. Clarifies that the statute does not permit a county to provide internet service.

    Makes conforming changes to amend GS 153A-274 to include high-speed internet access service to the defined term public enterprise, as used in Article 15 of GS Chapter 153A (Public Enterprises).