Bill Summaries: S150 (2023-2024 Session)

  • Summary date: Feb 22 2023 - View summary

    As title indicates, amends section 1 of SL 1987-322, as rewritten by SL 1995-107, to convert the McDowell County Board of Education (Board) to partisan elections beginning with elections held in 2024. Provides that vacancies for positions elected in 2020 and 2022 on a non-partisan basis are filled by appointment by the remaining Board members as provided in the Plan for Merger of Marion City Board of Education and McDowell County Board of Education, and Section 3 of SL 2019-234; vacancies occurring for positions elected on a partisan basis in 2024 and after will be filled by appointment by the remaining Board members in accordance with GS 115C-37.1.

    Provides that the act does not affect the terms of any Board member elected in 2020 or 2022, or appointed to fill a vacancy for a position elected in 2020 or 2022. Includes McDowell County in the list of counties subject to GS 115C-37.1, effective December 1, 2024.