Bill Summaries: H786 (2011-2012 Session)

  • Summary date: Apr 7 2011 - View summary

    Amends GS 136-176(b1) to allow the Secretary of Transportation to authorize the transfer of certain funds to projects for congestion mitigation, provided that the transfer is based either on the ratio that the population the county or counties in which the project is located bears to the total state population or the need for reducing congestion on a roadway based on statewide ranking of projects determined through a formula based on vehicle volume, design capacity, and accident rates. Modifies the formula set out in GS 136-17.2A(b) for determining the allocation of highway trust fund money among distribution regions to require that it be based 50% on the vehicle miles driven in that distribution region compared to the total vehicle miles driven in the state and 50% on the need for reducing congestion on a roadway based on statewide ranking of projects. Repeals GS 136-17.2A(c) (setting out a formula for the Secretary of Transportation to determine the tentative percentage share for each distribution region over the next seven years), GS 136-17.2A(d) (directing the Department of Transportation, as nearly as practicable, to expend in a distribution region an amount equal to that region's tentative percentage share of the funds in a fiscal year, and requiring that actual expenditures in a consecutive seven-year period be between 90% and 110% of target amounts to be expended in the region over that time), GS 136-17.2A(f) (requiring the Board of Transportation to consider the highway needs of every county in a distribution region when scheduling highway improvements), and GS 136-17.2A(h) (requiring the Secretary of Transportation to calculate the amount of funds allocated to each division each year, the amount of funds obligated, and the amount the obligations exceeded or were below the allocation).