Bill Summaries: all (2011-2012 Session)

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    Amends GS 115C-47 to add to the duties of local boards of education the duty of preventing disruptive behaviors that lead to suspension and expulsion. Amends GS 115C-105.47 to require that local safe school plans include policies designed to prevent disruptive behaviors, suspensions, and expulsions as well as services meeting needs of students at risk of academic failure or engaging in disruptive behavior. These services should include among others components family engagement, mentoring, community service and learning programs, job training, nutritional services, mental health services, financial literacy courses, and adult education. Amends GS 115C-391(b) to permit principals to take into account when suspending students for 10 days or fewer the specific conditions surrounding discipline cases including the individual needs of the student, the context of the offense, and family circumstances. This act is effective when it becomes law and applies beginning with the 2011-12 school year.