Bill Summaries: H748 (2015-2016 Session)

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    States General Assembly findings.

    Enacts new Part 9, North Carolina Contamination Source Removal and Disposal Board, in Article 9 of GS Chapter 130A. Creates the five-member North Carolina Contamination Source Removal and Disposal Board (Board) to identify, evaluate, prioritize, schedule, and facilitate lowest cost and best achievable processes and mechanisms for safe, expeditious, and cost-effective remediation of pre-1983 landfills and other identified contaminated sites, and to contract with private sector firms to return those sites to beneficial and productive use. Sets out the Board's powers and duties. Sets out membership requirements, sets terms at five years, provides term limits, provides for filling vacancies, sets compensation limits, and provides for other Board functions. Requires the Board to submit monthly written reports to the Environmental Review Commission and requires the Board to meet at least weekly. Sets the Board to expire on June 30, 2035.

    Requires the Board to implement an ongoing program that contracts and schedules contamination sources of pre-1983 landfill sites and other state-identified and known contamination sites to be remediated in the manner the Board decides is the most practical and cost-efficient and return those sites to safe, beneficial, and productive use using private sector best practices. Specifies activities that the Board must carry out. Requires the Board and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to seek EPA approval for implementing the program. Requires needed information to be developed and submitted to the EPA by December 31, 2015. Requires the Board to seek EPA comments on the Board's proposed program on or before December 31, 2017.