Bill Summaries: H633 (2023-2024 Session)

  • Summary date: Apr 17 2023 - View summary

    Identical to S 731, filed 4/6/23.

    Names the Act the “Shine Like Hailey Parade Safety Act.” Enacts new GS 20-157.2, pertaining to parade vehicles. Requires persons managing, conducting, or sponsoring a parade in a municipality with a population of 35,000 or more to obtain a permit that meets the following requirements: (1) that, no earlier than seven days before the date of the parade, the police department or fire department inspects each motor vehicle for safety and verifies that the  vehicle is registered and insured; and (2) the operator of the motor vehicle is at least 25 years of age and has a valid drivers license. Permits municipalities with a population of less than 35,000 to include the same requirements for a parade permit. Makes conforming changes to GS 20-169 (powers of local authorities).