Bill Summaries: H622 (2017-2018 Session)

  • Summary date: Apr 6 2017 - View summary

    Enacts new GS 160A-424.1 (Periodic inspections for hazardous or unlawful conditions in certain localities), which applies to cities with a population of less than 25,000. Authorizes city inspection departments to make periodic inspections upon reasonable cause, as defined, for unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise hazardous and unlawful conditions in buildings or structures within the city. In exercising the right, members of the inspection department have the right to enter on any premises within the jurisdiction of the department at all reasonable hours for the purposes of inspection or other enforcement action, upon presentation of proper credentials. Authorizes cities to require periodic inspections as part of a targeted effort within a geographic area designated by the city council. Prohibits discrimination, and requires notice, public hearing, and a plan to address low-income residential property owners' ability to comply with housing code requirements. Provides exemptions for certain buildings subject to periodic inspection by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. Prohibits cities from (1) adopting or enforcing ordinances that require a permit from the city to rent or lease residential property, with exceptions for properties with repeat violations and high-crime or disorder problems; (2) requiring owners or managers of rental residential properties to enroll in a government program as a condition of receiving a certificate of occupancy; and (3) levying special fees or taxes on residential rental property not also levied against other commercial and residential property, except as authorized in this statute. Authorizes cities to levy a fee for residential rental property registration for properties with multiple ordinance violations within the previous 12 months or high crime or disorder problems. Provides a schedule of authorized fees.

    Makes conforming changes to GS 160A-412 and GS 160A-424.