Bill Summaries: H613 (2015-2016 Session)

  • Summary date: Jul 2 2015 - View summary

    Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition. 

    Further amends GS 136-32 to prohibit the placement of signs on medians or traffic islands. Adds that cities may, by ordinance, prohibit or regulate the placement of political signs on medians and traffic islands. Makes conforming changes, including changes to the act's short and long titles.

  • Summary date: Apr 9 2015 - View summary

    Amends GS 136-32(f) to allow a city to enforce the provisions of GS 136-32(b) through (e) (regulating the placement of political signs) on rights-of-way of streets that are located in the city's corporate limits and that are maintained by the city and on the rights-of-way of those parts of the state highway system that are located within the city. Also allows removal of signs that violate (b) through (e).