Bill Summaries: all (2023-2024 Session)

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    House committee substitute to the 1st edition makes the following changes.

    Amends the list of acts that previously amended the Siler City town charter and makes conforming changes.

    Deletes the previous changes to Section 4 of the Charter of the Town of Siler City (SL 1887-88, as amended), and instead makes the following changes. Changes the mayor's term of office from two years to four years and specifies that the mayor be elected by qualified voters of the town. Requires that the mayor pro tempore be elected in accordance with GS 160A-70 instead of according to state law in general. No longer delineates the districts for the election of commissioners. Specifies that for the district seats, only qualified voters of the district are eligible to vote for the commissioner from that district. Requires commissioner terms to be staggered.

    Deletes Section 5 of SL 1887-88, as amended, which set out staggered commissioner terms by district.

    Applies to municipal elections held in 2023 and thereafter.

    Amends the act's long title.

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    As title indicates, amends Section 4 of the Charter of the Town of Siler City (SL 1887-88, as amended), so that beginning at the regular municipal election in 2023, and quadrennially thereafter, the Town’s mayor is elected for a four-year term instead of a two-year term.