Bill Summaries: H1078 (2021)

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    Amends GS 120-3.1, effective upon the convening of the 2023 General Assembly, as follows. Requires that General Assembly members' weekly travel allowances be calculated by multiplying the actual round-trip mileage from the member's home to Raleigh by the rate per mile, which is the business standard mileage rate set by the IRS in Rev. Proc. 2020-279, December 22, 2020 (was, Rev. Proc. 93-51, December 27, 1993). Requires the travel allowance rate to be based on the same updated business standard mileage rate. Requires members' subsistence allowance for meals and lodging to be at a daily rate equal to the maximum per diem rate for federal employees traveling to Raleigh as set out at 86 Federal Register 45731 (August 16, 2021) (was, 58 Federal Register 67959, December 22, 1993). Makes conforming changes.