Bill Summary for S 38 (2021-2022)

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Jun 22 2022

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Senate Bill 38 (Public) Filed Monday, February 1, 2021
Intro. by Perry, Lazzara, Johnson.

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Bill summary

House amendments makes the following changes to the 4th edition.

Section 1

Amendment #4 amends the definition of sporting event, applicable to proposed Article 9, Sports Wagering, GS Chapter 18C, enacted by Senate Bill 688, subject to SB 688 becoming law. Removes college sports from the term. Amends GS 18C-902 to explicitly provide that the Article does not authorize sports wagering on college sports. Makes conforming changes to GS 18C-904 to no longer include wagering on college sports within the authority of interactive sports wagering licensees. 

Amendment #2 adds a new subsection to GS 18C-926, a statute organized within proposed Article 9, Sports Wagering, GS Chapter 18C, enacted by Senate Bill 688, subject to SB 688 becoming law. Prohibits sports facilities from being open to registered players for sports wagering during the eight hours before, or during, any college sports events at the sports facility or adjacent to the sports facility. 

Section 5

Amendment #1 revises proposed Article 2E, GS Chapter 105, which establishes a privilege tax for interactive sports wagering operators and provides for the distribution schedule of tax proceeds following reimbursement of the Department of Revenue (Department) for collections. Regarding the distribution of proceeds, names the NC Division of Parks and Recreation instead of the NC Parks and Recreation Authority as the entity to receive $500,000 of the proceeds for county grants for youth sports development. 

Amendment #3 further amends the distribution of the privilege tax proceeds set forth in proposed Article 2E, GS Chapter 105. Regarding the annual distribution of proceeds following reimbursement of the Department, the $2 million credited to the Department of Health and Human Services, and the $500,000 credited to the NC Division of Parks and Recreation, requires $300,000 be annually appropriated to each of the seven institutions of higher education previously identified to receive a percentage of the remaining funds, with the amount prorated in the equal proportions when insufficient funds. Maintains that proceeds remaining following the required distributions, as amended, are to be distributed in percentages previously specified, with 10% equally distributed to the seven identified institutions of higher education, 30% to the NC Major Events, Games, and Attractions Fund, and 60% to the General Fund. Adds a new provision stating legislative intent for the funds appropriated to the institutions of higher education listed do not supplant monies otherwise appropriated to those institutions.