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Jun 16 2021

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House Bill 769 (Public) Filed Monday, May 3, 2021
Intro. by Willis, Stevens, Paré, Winslow.

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Bill summary

Senate committee substitute amends the 2nd edition as follows. Revises proposed GS 131D-10.9C, which explicitly recognizes that foster parents have the 14 identified rights. Revises the statute's stated findings to refer to children removed from their parents or legal guardians rather than children placed in the custody of of a county department of social services. Now characterizes the previously identified rights as those that the State supports and promotes for foster parents in the provision of foster care, rather than explicitly recognizing the enumerated rights of foster parents.

Revises the rights stated as follows. Adds a statutory reference to the first right regarding foster parents honoring children placed in their homes. Regarding the second right to receive information about responsibilities and access to support services, now includes the right to have input in court and be included as a valued member of the child's team, including 15 days' notice of periodic reviews of a child's juvenile case and the provision of input during periodic reviews of any relevant information, as specified; replaces the right to active participation in the decision-making process regarding the child. Adds the right to receive timely information pertinent to the day-to-day care of the child, including educational and health needs; replaces the right to receive information regarding the professionals working with the child, including any physicians, therapists, teachers, and other school personnel. Adds the right to provide input to, advocate for, and seek out support from the supervising agency without fear of reprisal, including the right to request respite as needed or to request a break between placements; replaces the right to provide input to and seek out support from the Division of Social Services. Replaces the twelfth right, now providing for the right to use the reasonable and prudent parent standard, as characterized, in determining whether a foster parent can allow a child in the foster parent's care to participate in educational field trips and extracurricular, enrichment, and social activities (was, the right to provide or withhold permission from, without prior approval of the county department of social services, guardian ad litem, or court, the child in the foster parents' care to participate in normal childhood activities based on a reasonable and prudent parent standard in accordance with the provisions of Title IV-E of the Social Security Act, as the standard was defined and characterized).

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