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House Bill 1 (Public) Filed Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Intro. by D. Hall.

Status: Adopted (House action) (Jan 13 2021)

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H 1

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  • Summary date: Jan 13 2021 - View Summary

    Adopts the 2019 House permanent rules as the 2021 temporary rules with the following exceptions.

    Amends Rule 1 to no longer include a specified time period that the House may not hold votes. Maintains that the House may not hold votes on Sunday, except for votes on motions to approve the journal and to adjourn.

    Amends Rule 1.1 to authorize the Speaker of the House to invoke temporary modifications to the rules, as set forth in new Rule 58.1, in the event of a State of Emergency that threatens the health and safety of members. Allows the Speaker to terminate the use of the modifications upon 24 hours’ written notice to the Majority Leader, the Minority Leader, and the Principal Clerk.

    Adds new Rule 5.1 to provide for pro forma sessions of the House, defined as a session of which the Speaker notified the body by announcement in chamber or electronically by legislative email that no substantive motions, votes, or matters other than those allowed under the new Rule will be taken during the designated session.

    Amends Rule 12, concerning general decorum, to no longer prohibit beverages on the floor of the House during the first hour of daily session.

    Amends Rule 18, concerning motions to reconsider, to require determination by a two-thirds vote, rather than a majority vote, for a motion to reconsider not made on the same or the succeeding legislative day when a question has been decided. Makes clarifying and organizational changes.

    Amends Rule 24.1B to bar division of conference reports or the Current Operations Appropriations Bill.

    Amends Part V, regarding committees, to eliminate permanent subcommittees of the House. Makes conforming changes throughout to delete references to permanent subcommittees.

    Amends the standing committees in Rule 27 by removing the following committees: Aging; and Homelessness, Foster Care and Dependency. Modifies and/or adds the following committees: Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform (was, Elections and Ethics Law); Families, Children and Aging Policy; Federal Relations and American Indian Affairs; Judiciary 1, Judiciary 2, Judiciary 3, and Judiciary 4 (was, Judiciary); Local Government; State Government (was, State and Local Government); State Personnel; and UNC Board of Governors Nominations.

    Adds new Rule 28.2 to provide for remote participation in committee meetings at times when new Rule 58.1 emergency modifications are not in effect, subject to approval by the Speaker.

    Amends Rules 31 and 31.1 to update deadlines for filing bills for introduction to dates in 2021. Now sets the deadline for bills filed for introduction on Mondays to 15 minutes after adjournment (was, 30 minutes). Provides that all local bills must be submitted to the Legislative Drafting Division or the Legislative Analysis Division by March 3, 2021, and filed for introduction no later than March 25, 2021. Bills recommended by commissions or standing committees must be submitted by February 3 and introduced by February 18, by the specified time. Bills requested by state agencies must be requested by February 10 and introduced by February 25, by the specified time. Public bills that do not go to the Appropriations or Finance committees, joint resolutions, and House resolutions must be submitted by March 24 and introduced by April 20, by the specified time. Public bills that must go to the Appropriations or Finance committee must be submitted by March 31 and introduced by April 27, by the specified time. Sets the bill crossover deadline as May 13. Newly exempts from the deadlines resolutions pertaining to the internal affairs of the House.

    Amends Rule 34 to allow electronic primary sponsorship of bills.

    Amends Rule 35 to require copies of bills to be available rather than placed in the Printed Bills Room.

    Makes organizational and clarifying changes to Rule 40, regarding calendars. Moves language regarding the numbering of bills to Rule 31.

    Amends Rule 42 to exempt from the rules set forth for defeated bills a bill that received an unfavorable committee report if the committee in the same report reported favorable as to the bill as amended or to a proposed committee substitute to the bill.

    Amends Rule 44 to allow for votes to be taken on adoption of a conference report on the same legislative day of the report with leave of the House (was barred until the next legislative day). Allows for votes to be taken on the adoption of a conference report on either the Current Operations Appropriations Bill or a bill generally revising such act earlier than the second legislative day following the report with leave of the House (previously barred).

    Adds new Rule 58.1, outlining temporary modifications of the rules due to a State of Emergency, which apply 24 hours after receipt of written notice filed by the Speaker by the Majority Leader, the Minority Leader, and the Principal Clerk. Provides for amendments regarding voting by designation and same-day voting on committee and conference reports.

    Adds new Rule 61.3 to require livestreaming of sessions to comply with the policies and procedures established by the Principal Clerk.

    Makes additional technical and clarifying changes.