Bill Summary for S 597 (2017-2018)

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Apr 4 2017

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Senate Bill 597 (Public) Filed Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Intro. by Barefoot, Tillman, Hise.

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Bill summary

Transfers the Apprenticeship Program and the Apprenticeship Council to the North Carolina Community Colleges System Office as a Type I transfer under GS 143A-6. Authorizes the State Board of Community Colleges, the Community Colleges System Office, and the Office of State Budget and Management to take all necessary steps to make this transfer.

Enacts new GS 115D-5.3 (ApprenticeshipNC Program; Apprenticeship Council; transfer). Makes the above transfer.

Amends GS Chapter 94 as follows.

Amends the caption to read "ApprenticeshipNC." Amends the purposes described in GS 94-1.

Directs the State Board of Community Colleges (currently the Secretary of Commerce) to appoint the Apprenticeship Council. Transfers appointment of one ex officio member from the Department of Community Colleges to the Department of Commerce. Transfers actions and responsibilities currently assigned to the Department of Commerce, or its Secretary, to the State Board of Community Colleges. Revises membership on the council to consist of three representatives each of employers and employees, and two members of the public at large. Does not affect the terms of members of the Apprenticeship Council as of the effective date of this act. Directs the Apprenticeship Council to file its required annual report to the Community Colleges System Office.

Provides that the Director of ApprenticeshipNC reports to the Vice President of Economic Development and the Vice President of Academic Programs and Student Services within the Community Colleges System Office. Subjects appointment and employment of clerical, technical, and professional help to the recommendation and supervision of the Director.

Subjects the Director to the supervision of the Vice President of Economic Development within the Community Colleges System Office (currently, the Secretary of Commerce).

Makes technical and conforming changes to GS Chapter 94.

Transfers $350,000, of the Workforce Investment Act funds awarded to the Department of Commerce by the United States Department of Labor to the Community Colleges System Office, on a recurring basis for the 2017-19 fiscal biennium, to administer ApprenticeshipNC.

Appropriates $500,000 in recurring funds for 2017-18 from the General Fund to the Community Colleges System Office to increase apprenticeship opportunities in the State.

Directs the Department of Commerce to submit a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act State Plan amendment to the US Department of Labor to reflect the changes above, effective when the bill becomes law.

Except as otherwise provided, effective July 1, 2017.