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  • Summary date: Jun 30 2011 - View Summary

    AN ACT TO AMEND THE INSURANCE LAWS IN ORDER TO FACILITATE THE USE OF LOCUM TENENS PHYSICIANS AND TO AMEND THE BOARD OF PHARMACY RULES TO ENSURE NORTH CAROLINA'S MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ARE CAPABLE OF SERVING THE STATE'S EXPANDING POPULATION. Summarized in Daily Bulletin 4/14/11, 6/8/11, 6/15/11, and 6/16/11. Enacted June 27, 2011. Sections 1 and 2 are effective October 1, 2011. The remainder is effective June 27, 2011.

  • Summary date: Jun 16 2011 - View Summary

    House amendment makes the following changes to 2nd edition, as amended. Adds a section to amend Section 10.31A in 2011-145 (Appropriations Act of 2011) to allow the Department of Health and Human Services to retain up to 65% of the amount from an assessment program, except for the hospital assessment program authorized in SL 2011-11, as specified. Makes a conforming change.

  • Summary date: Jun 15 2011 - View Summary

    House amendment makes the following changes to 2nd edition. Provides that a pharmacist licensed under Article 4A of GS Chapter 90 who may administer vaccines under 21 NCAC 46 .2507 and 21 NCAC 32U .0101 be granted the authority to administer influenza vaccine to patients aged 14 years and older pursuant to 21 NCAC 46 .2507 and 21 NCAC 32U .0101. Makes conforming change to title. This provision is effective when the act becomes law.

  • Summary date: Jun 8 2011 - View Summary

    Senate committee substitute reported in on 6/7/11, makes the following changes to first edition. Makes clarifying and technical changes only.

  • Summary date: Apr 14 2011 - View Summary

    Enacts new GS 58-3-231, requiring an insurer that provides a health benefit plan to establish and maintain a process to allow a patient’s regular physician to submit a claim and, if accepted, receive payment for covered visits provided by a locum tenens physician, provided six requirements are met. Defines locum tenens physician as a physician who is not an employee of the regular physician, but substitutes for the physician on a temporary basis. Includes definitions for additional terms used in the statute. Permits a medical group or hospital to submit claims for a locum tenens physician substituting for a regular physician who is a member of the medical group or an employee of the hospital, provided the six requirements are met. Specifies that per diem or similar fee-for-time compensation paid for the locum tenens physician is considered paid by the regular physician. Sets forth additional criteria for billing, substituting for a regular physician, and locum tenens agencies. Directs insurers to establish the claim and payment process within 180 days after the act becomes effective. Effective October 1, 2011.