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  • Summary date: Apr 26 2023 - View Summary

    Eliminates the system of suspending a person’s drivers license for failure to pay a fine or penalty, or failure to appear at court, by repealing GS 20-24.1 (Revocation for failure to appear or pay fine, penalty or costs for motor vehicle offenses) and GS 20-24.2 (Court to report failure to appear or pay fine, penalty or costs). Amends subsection (a) of GS 15A-1116(a) to remove a reference to the reporting requirements in GS 20-24.2. 

    Creates new GS 20-24.3, prohibiting the revocation of a drivers license for failing to appear at trial or failure to pay a fine, penalty, or court cost ordered by a court. Requires the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to terminate all suspensions of drivers licenses pursuant to GS 20-24.1 or GS 20-24.2 within three months of the effective date, and to reinstate the license with no action required on the part of the license holder. Requires the DMV to provide notice to every holder of a license with a terminated suspension of the legal consequences of failing to appear or pay fines. 

    Requires the DMV to collect data and publish a report by October 1, 2024, showing the number of suspensions terminated, along with information related to the persons subject to suspension, fees waived, and other specified information.

    Creates new GS 20-24.4, requiring the Administrative Office of the Courts to collect data and publish a report annually, beginning March 31, 2024, outlining data related to compliance and appearance rates for the adjudication of motor vehicle offenses. Specifies the minimum required information for the report. 

    Amends GS 20-28 to create new subsection (a4), which as of October 1, 2023, forgives any unpaid fines and fees assessed for driving while license revoked if the only underlying justification for the revocation of the license was pursuant to GS 20-24.1. 

    Makes conforming amendments to GS 20-13.2(e), GS 20-19(k), GS 20-28.1(a), GS 20-217(g2), and GS 110-142.2(f). 

    Directs the Administrative Office of the Courts to use $250,000 of funds appropriated in 2023-24 to implement a text reminder system of upcoming court appearances. 

    Effective October 1, 2023.