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    Enacts new Article 31A to GS Chapter 120, pertaining to faithful Article V commissioners. Makes findings related to interstate conventions authorized by Article V of the US Constitution. Sets forth defined terms. Specifies that the article’s purposes are to (1) clarify the scope of authority of commissioners and committees representing the legislature of the State at interstate conventions, (2) provide for enforcing limits on such authority, (3) provide methods of selecting and replacing commissioners to conventions, and (4) prescribe an oath to be taken by interstate convention commissioners. Sets forth processes to establish the number, selection, and removal of commissioners. Provides for filling of vacancies. Specifies that the authority granted to the commissioners in the case of a convention for proposing amendments cannot exceed the narrowest of (1) the scope of the congressional call, (2) the scope of the narrowest application among those cited by Congress as mandating the convention call, or (3) the actual terms of the application. Specifies that a person exceeds the scope of authority at an interstate convention if, while serving as a delegate at an interstate convention, he or she votes for, votes to consider, or otherwise promotes any action of the convention not within the scope defined in the act; provided, however, that a delegate may vote for or otherwise support a measure clearly identified as a nonbinding recommendation rather than as a formal proposal. Sets out the oath that commissioners must take. Specifies that a person exceeding the scope of authority under the act is guilty of a Class I felony.