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    Adds the following terms to the definitions section of state public utilities law (GS 62-126.3) affordable housing unit, critical infrastructure, and Tier 1,2, or 3 counties. Amends GS 62-126.8 (pertaining to community solar energy facilities) as follows. Requires each offering utility to file a plan with the NC Utilities Commission (NCUC) and offer a community solar energy facility program for participation by its retail customers. customers in counties designated as Tier 1 or Tier 2, as annually determined by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, and affordable housing units in Tier 3 counties. So long as participating retail customers meet one such designation in the initial program year, they need not be recertified for subsequent program years. (Currently, just need to file a plan regarding solar energy facility program for retail customers.) Provides that the community solar energy facility program will be designed so that each community solar energy facility offsets the energy use of not less than five subscribers and no single subscriber has more than a 40% interest, except for community solar energy facilities that are connected to buildings designated as critical infrastructure and with the capability to support such buildings in the event of grid failure. Buildings designated as critical infrastructure may have up to a 75% interest in a community solar energy facility. (Currently, no exception for critical infrastructure exists.) Removes the nameplate generating capacity limits. Requires community solar energy facilities to be interconnected with the offering utility’s distribution system. Deletes provisions limiting where the solar energy facilities must be located and just restricts it to the service territory of the offering utility. Deletes provisions requiring solar utility providers to credit  subscribers at the avoided cost rate and replaces it with a just and reasonable rate determined by NCUC. Amends the solar energy facility program requirements to include a program implementation schedule to fully subscribe to the program as soon as possible and deletes hold harmless provisions. Specifies that existing community solar energy facilities may participate in the community solar energy facility program. Effective October 1, 2023.