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    Establishes the eight-member Commission on Legislative Reform (Commission). Provides for member appointment by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, with four appointments each. Bars elected officials from serving on the Commission. Provides for a Commission chair, meetings, vacancies, and member expenses. Charges the Commission with studying and making recommendations regarding modifications to the NC Constitution with regards to NCGA member terms, NCGA member term limits, limitations on the length of legislative sessions, legislative compensation, and legislative per diem and mileage allowances. Enumerates six other areas the Commission can study, including the length of legislative sessions for each biennium since 1981 and the length of other states' legislative session and limitations on the length of legislative sessions, as well as any other information the Commission deems appropriate. Directs UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Government to assist the Commission by providing a meeting space, provide necessary clerical, administrative, and legal support, and preparing the Commission's report. Directs the Commission to report to specified NCGA leadership and committee chairs by April 15, 2024, as specified. Terminates the Commission upon the earlier of submission of its report or April 15, 2024.