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    Amends GS 105-277.1C (pertaining to the homestead exclusion for disabled veterans) to expand that exclusion to volunteer firefighters. Defines hold harmless amount, total hold harmless amount, and volunteer firefighter. Amends definition of qualifying owner to include a volunteer firefighter or their surviving spouse who did not remarry. Sets forth procedures for reimbursement, including an annual September 1 deadline for the county tax collector to notify the Secretary of Revenue (Secretary) of its total hold harmless amount and an annual December 31 deadline for the Secretary to reimburse counties their respective hold harmless amounts. Sets forth procedures for reimbursement by counties to cities of funds attributable to that city and process for reimbursement to other units of local government or special districts. Bars counties that do not notify the Secretary of the hold harmless amount by September 1 from receiving reimbursement. Directs that reimbursement and administrative costs for the Department of Revenue will be drawn from collections of individual income taxes. Makes conforming changes to statute and title. Effective for taxes imposed for taxable years beginning on or after July 1, 2023.