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  • Summary date: Mar 21 2023 - View Summary

    Amends the effective date for SL 2015-186, as amended (the North Carolina Drivers License Restoration Act [Act]), to allow application of the Act to offenses committed before the effective date of December 1, 2015.

    Amends GS 14-401.27 (making it a criminal offense to impersonate a transportation network driver) to include impersonating a taxicab drivers. Makes conforming changes. Effective December 1, 2023.

    Amends GS 20-20.1(j) (pertaining to the term and reinstatement of limited driving privileges for certain offenses) to permit a term of a limited driving privilege to be extended until the date set by the Division of Motor Vehicles (Division) to determine whether or not the person meets the conditions for reinstatement. Applies to limited driving privileges issued on or after December 1, 2023.

    Amends GS 20-28.1 (pertaining to conviction of a moving offense committed while driving during period of suspension or revocation of license) as follows. Specifies that a violation of GS 20-313 (pertaining to when operation of motor vehicle without financial responsibility, i.e., motor vehicle insurance, is a misdemeanor) is considered a “motor vehicle moving offense” for purposes of this statute. Amends the periods of revocation as follows: (1) for a first offense, there is no additional period of revocation if (i) the offense which resulted in the underlying revocation has been resolved or (ii) the person is complying with a payment plan ordered by the court to satisfy any outstanding penalty, fine, or costs related to the offense which resulted in the underlying revocation; (2) for a second offense, the additional period of revocation is one year; (3) for a third and subsequent offense the additional period of revocation is two years, except that if the person committed the offense while the person's driving privilege was revoked or suspended for impaired driving, the revocation is permanent. (Currently revocation for a first offense is one year, for a second offense is two years, and a third offense is permanent.) Amends the requirements for reapplication of a revoked license to require that an applicant must furnish proof satisfactory to the Division that the person is maintaining financial responsibility as required by the Motor Vehicle Safety and Responsibility Act of 1953 (GS 20-279.21). Specifies that any person whose license was reissued and who fails to maintain financial responsibility (i.e., car insurance), commits a misdemeanor under GS 20-313 and driving while license is revoked (GS 20-28(a4)). Effective December 1, 2023, and applies to convictions entered before, on, or after that date.