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  • Summary date: Mar 9 2023 - View Summary

    Amends GS 14-415.10 (definitions section for concealed handgun permits) to add definition for fixed duration permit and lifetime permit. Modifies the definition of permit to now account for both types of concealed handgun permits - fixed duration permits and lifetime permits. Makes organizational changes. Makes conforming change to GS 17C-6 and GS 14-269 to account for renumbering of definitions.

    Amends GS 14-415.11 (scope of concealed handgun permits) to specifically refer to fixed duration permits in those parts of the statute that reference an expiration date for the permit. Specifies that a lifetime permit is valid throughout the State until revoked or surrendered.  Requires any permit holder to notify the sheriff in the county where they reside of any change of address (currently, holder must notify the sheriff who issued the permit of a change of address).

    Amends GS 14-415.14(a) (pertaining to the permit application forms) to require permit applications to indicate the type of permit sought.

    Amends GS 14-415.16 (pertaining to renewal of concealed handgun permits) to limit the renewal provisions to fixed duration permits. Allows renewal applicants to indicate whether the permit holder would like the renewal to be for a fixed duration permit or a lifetime permit.

    Makes conforming changes to GS 14-415.16A (permit extension and renewals for deployed military permittees) to make the provisions applicable to fixed duration permits only. 

    Enacts GS 14-415.16B to allow for lifetime permit holders to submit an application at any time to have that permit reissued as a fixed duration permit. Specifies application requirements, including submission and review.

    Amends GS 14-415.17 (pertaining to the sheriff’s list of concealed handgun permit holders) to refer to both types of permits. States certificate requirements of permits with regard to type and expiration. Specifies that a sheriff must submit any changes of address for permit holders to the State Bureau of Investigation for inclusion in the statewide system.

    Amends GS 14-415.18 (pertaining to reasons why a permit may be revoked) to authorize revocation when a person is no longer a resident of the State. Limits the scope of what may be appealed to the revocation of a permit (currently, revocation and nonrenewal are able to be appealed). 

    Amends GS 14-415.19 (permit fees) to include reissuance fees. Makes conforming changes.

    Effective December 1, 2023.